Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen

Meet Jimmy Nguyen, former football player who transformed his body into a speeding ice-bullet after discovering the sport of skeleton.

Prior to 2012, Jimmy was your typical all-around athlete. Having grown up playing football, wrestling and pole vaulting, Jimmy lived for competition. It wasn’t until he found skeleton that he realized his thirst for speed. Nguyen blindly threw himself into the rigor and exhaustion required to become an aerodynamic lightning bolt, reaching speeds up to 80mph down a track of slick ice.

Jimmy’s determination and skills landed him a spot at the Olympic Training Center where he began his rookie season in 2014. From there, he went on to earn a spot in the National Championship and reach the qualifying round for the 2018 U.S. Olympic team. It took years of sweat and pain, serious goal setting, and even his own fundraising, to earn titles and podium finishes that were once unthinkable.

Jimmy’s love for competition is not limited to the sport of skeleton. He now works as a coach and personal trainer where he takes the lessons learned on the track and passes them on to students and future generations of competitors.

How Does Jimmy Nguyen Recover With Chocolate Milk?   

“I’ve been a fan of chocolate milk since I was young, and I credit that to my mother who always had it in our fridge growing up. When I got older I started learning about the recovery benefits of chocolate milk and how it helped me compete at a high level. Chocolate milk is delicious and convenient.”


Meet Jimmy Nguyen: Skeleton Racer